author of the ultimate ball picker

Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a passionate table tennis player named Lilla Horvath. Every day, he would spend hours practicing his shots and strategies on the local table tennis court. But amidst the joy of playing, there was a frustrating challenge – the constant interruption of ball collection. Each time a ball rolled away, Lilla had to pause, leave the game, and bend down to gather them one by one.

Determined to find a solution, She began sketching and brainstorming during his spare moments. She dreamed of a device that would effortlessly collect balls, allowing players to focus solely on their game. Day and night, he tirelessly worked on his invention, fueled by his love for the sport and a vision for a better playing experience.

One day Lilla held his creation in his hands – the world’s first revolutionary table tennis ball picker. It was a simple yet ingenious design – a lightweight, mobil, fits her racket chase. He was thrilled with his creation, but he knew the true test would be on the court.
The next day, She brought his ball picker to the local table tennis club. As he demonstrated his magic to his friends and fellow players, their eyes widened with excitement. With a single movement, the ball picker effortlessly collected scattered balls, leaving everyone amazed. Lilla’s heart swelled with pride, knowing that his invention had the power to transform the game they all loved.

Word of the revolutionary table tennis ball picker spread like wildfire throughout the town and soon reached the ears of professional players and coaches. They were captivated by its simplicity and efficiency, recognizing its potential to elevate the sport to new heights.

Lilla was approached by an owner of a molding factory who saw the promise in his creation. They offered to collaborate, and together, they fine-tuned the design and prepared to introduce the revolutionary ball picker to the world.

The moment came when the curtain dropped, revealing the new table tennis ball picker. People couldn’t wait to get their hands on this game-changing device, and the line of eager customers stretched beyond the horizon.

From that day on, the revolutionary table tennis ball picker became an essential part of every player’s equipment. It unites players around the world, breaking down barriers and making the sport more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

But beyond its practicality, the ball picker had an even more profound impact. It symbolized the spirit of innovation, the power of perseverance, and the magic that can happen when one person’s passion aligns with a greater purpose. Lilla’s creation not only improved the game of table tennis, but it also inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their own unique way.

And so, the story of the revolutionary table tennis ball picker continues, reminding us that the path to greatness is often paved with love, determination, and a dash of innovation.

  • 2015


    Lilla Horvath (professional TT player) realizes that ping pong balls cannot be collected easily

  • 2016

    Search for opportunities

    Lilla tried all solutions but none worked well. Some were broken, some were difficult to transport, some did not work comfortably


  • 2020-2022

    Patent trademark

    The unique revolutionary and new ball picker is patented

  • 2023

    Plasticor Ltd. joined to the group

    The engineers of Plasticor molding Ltd. joined in order to provide perfect and durable products for amateur and professional players.


  • 2023


    The production starts in Veszprem, Hungary in our molding plant. The ballpickers available at our website ( in all European countries

  • 2023

    Available in the USA

    PickN’Go Ballpickers available in the United States